What are the benefited of an integrated payment mechanism?

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Many organizations are exploring the benefits of retrofitting payment mechanisms to PPP contracts and taking this as an opportunity to create efficiencies, increase flexibility, identify and address problem areas and promote increased contract transparency and auditability.

This white paper explains how a retrofit provides an opportunity to use technology to:

  • Identify and address problems in the existing operation of the contract
  • Review and clean existing data
  • Create efficiencies in maintenance and service provision
  • Breathe new life into existing contracts to deliver value for all stakeholders
  • Review and consolidate energy consumption and practices
  • Review and apply more rigorous financial auditing
  • Create an opportunity to review new technology which will enable cost effective and enhanced efficacy

This white paper also explains how the process can be managed to ensure that a payment mechanism is implemented unobtrusively, effectively and, most importantly, painlessly.