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This 3-part complimentary webinar series will help organizations transform building efficiency through digitization, including BIM and CMMS integration as and when required. 

Each webinar will last for 30 minutes, just add your details opposite to register.

Digitizing Existing Buildings from Drawings 
Find out how accurate models of your buildings can be made from paper or CAD drawings or floorplans, to help reduce cost and time spent completing works.

Digitizing Existing Buildings Using 3D Laser Scanning & Modelling
Learn how models can be created from laser scanning and modelling, allowing easy access to building information and space classifications. You will also hear how the two-way integration with CMMS can help you better manage assets for greater business efficiency.

Creating a Digital Twin 
Hear how a digital twin can be made of your building to create an accurate, virtual replica, which can subsequently reduce maintenance costs by predicting maintenance issues before breakdowns occur.