Why integrate your FM software?

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CAFM software can bring far reaching benefits, both to a facilities department and across an entire organisation, especially when integrated with other software systems. Not only is there usually a positive return on investment in just a couple of years, but an integrated system can also:

  • save time
  • increase financial control and transparency
  • allow for better managed organisational compliance
  • drive sustainability strategies
  • produce more meaningful information, and much more.

This leads to an increased understanding as to how a business is performing, which when appropriately actioned, leads to greater efficiencies, service levels and profitability. Ultimately, this helps the business to achieve competitive advantage.

This in-depth guide explains the benefits of CAFM, and how these benefits can be multiplied through integration with an organisation’s other applications to create a best of breed, fully functional, cost-efficient, enterprise-wide solution. It also explores how different systems can work with CAFM software, and gives step-by-step guidance on how to create and manage an integration project.