The changing perceptions of PPP projects

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This paper presents the results of an in-depth survey of industry practitioners’ perceptions and expectations of PPP projects in the operational phase. It documents:

  • the extent to which operational management tasks now dominate industry professionals’ working lives
  • how public and private sector parties relate to one another in the operational phase
  • the respondents’ views of successes and challenges
  • how these have changed over time, especially in the context of ever tighter budget constraints.

Service Works reports the views of over 200 industry professionals, representing every major part of the industry, including central and local government officials, financial and technical advisers, construction and facilities management professionals, and equity and debt investors, among others. The respondents come from all over the world though, as might be expected, the largest groups are from the more mature markets in the advanced economies. In this report, we focus on three of these: Canada, the United Kingdom and the United States, for which the number of respondents allows for statistical analysis.

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